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흡/배기 포트시험장치(Engine Port Flow Tester)
흡/배기 포트 시험장치:   Swirl Ratio, Tumble Ratio, Flow Coff., Gulf Factor
흡기매니폴더 시험장치:   Flow Coeff., Flowrate, Pressure...
- Proven measurement method of Intake/Exhaust Parameter - Highly accurate measurement of Swirl/Tumble/Flow Coefficient - Automatic Data Acquisition, Analysis and Reporting - Accurate and repeatable result of test - Isolation of Test space to protect test engineer - Improvement of test productivity more than 3 times

Engine Prot Rig Test System Block Diagram


§ Test objects : Intake/exhaust port of cylinder head

                    Intake manifold+Intake port flow characteristics

§ Test parameters : Swirl ratio, Tumble ratio, Flow co., Gulp factor, etc
§ Automatic/Manual data acquisition of air flow and analysis.
§ Well proven Flow Computer.
§ Smooth and accurate automatic control of test pressure. 
§ Proven impulse type momentum measurement of swirl and tumble.
§ Analysis equation of customers’ specification.

5110 ET FR-AVL: Auto Valve Lifter


§ Minimized size but powerful lifting torque

§ Neglect neighborhood interference and possible to multi mounting

§ Highly accurate valve position control

§ End extension Adapter: 3, 5, 10cm(included)

§ Easy Zero Adjustment

§ Easy engine head mounting and angle adjustable

§ Reliable valve lift repeatability

Head Mounting Test Stand for Swirl/Tumble


§ XY direction Engine Head Adjustment
§ Digital XY position display
§ Manual traverser to next cylinder using digital display unit.
§ Swirl meter and dummy liner integration system
§ 770mm width max engine head size

3052 ET BLW-R1200: Blowing Module


§ Designed for the development of high performance engine for OEM and racing applications
§ Bi-directional pressure control for the development of intake and exhaust system
§ One touch selection button for suction and blowing mode
§ Test pressures up to 248mBar
§ Automatically regulates test pressure with digital target setting and test pressure readouts

RIGMAN-Control and Data Processing Software


§ Automatic Data Acquisition, Analysis and Reporting
§ Improvement of test productivity more than 3 times
§ Management of engine and port Specification

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